Registry of the Court

Registry of the Court

Each district and county clerk must maintain a registry of the court to receive payments ordered tendered into the court’s registry. The Hidalgo County District Clerk’s Office Registry and Trust Division is located inside the office upon entering the office. The Registry and Trust Division is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

We assist the public in depositing various types of funds as required by order of the court. The following are types of funds that are deposited into the registry of court unless otherwise direct by court order. They include:
  • Civil court deposits
  • Probate court deposits, including funds of minors and incompetent persons
  • Child support payments paid through the clerk’s office
  • Cash bonds
  • Cash bail bonds
  • Supersedeas bonds
  • Temporary Restraining Orders
  • Excess Proceeds
  • Juvenile Restitution
  • Non-Criminal Cash Bond (Child Support)
  • Any other funds court ordered into the registry


The court routinely orders funds to be deposited into the registry of the court, into an interest bearing account, or to the highest interest bearing account. The following orders are currently placed in an interest bearing account unless otherwise directed by court order:
  • Accounts for Minors
  • Interpleader funds
  • Funds paid in satisfaction of a judgment
  • Interpleaders
  • Funds in an eminent domain proceeding
  • Any other funds court ordered into the registry

Depositing Funds

We request court orders state specifically which accounts funds are to be deposited. Funds can be deposited into the following:
  • The Registry of the Court (County Depository),
  • An interest bearing account (County Depository earning interest), or;
  • The highest interest bearing account (Registry Clerk will solicit highest interest rate from various financial institutions. Soliciting the highest interest rate is only done when it is written in the court order).

Withdrawing Funds

Unless otherwise provided for by statute or rule, every withdrawal from registry funds, including refunds of cash bail bond are made by the district clerk upon written order of the court. Registry funds are held by the district clerk by court order and can be disbursed at anytime as directed by the court.

When withdrawing funds, the district clerk’s office requires the following information. A court order signed by the judge. The court order shall have the following information:
  • Amount of withdrawal
  • Amount of interest to withdrawal (if any)
  • Name of person who will receive funds
  • If applicable, how funds shall be received (i.e. mail, wire transfer, etc.)
  • Valid Photo Identification
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card

Administrative Expenses

Please note an administrative expense shall be deducted from each withdrawal, depending on the type of withdrawal. The deduction is not optional. It is required by Local Government Code § 117.054 and § 117.055. Local Government Code § 117.054 states if an account earns interest, the clerk at the time of withdrawal, shall deduct 10% of interest earned and shall be paid to the county’s general fund. Local Government Code § 117.055 states the clerk must, at the time of withdrawal, deduct a fee of 5% of the total amount but shall not exceed $50 from non-interest bearing accounts.