Facilities Management Department


The Hidalgo County Facilities Management department is tasked with the responsibility of the maintenance of infrastructure systems of all County-owned facilities. The Department is divided into four functional divisions:

Building Maintenance Division

The Building Maintenance Division is responsible for upholding the functionality of County facilities through repair and maintenance. Their purpose is essential in guaranteeing that all County buildings are operating at their highest capability to certify an adequately serviceable environment for all. Additionally, they also are tasked with improving facility proficiency and guiding our County towards a more energy-efficient operation. 

Structural Maintenance Division

The Structural Maintenance Division is tasked with preserving and upkeeping the integrity of County facilities. It is their mission to ensure that the structure lasts, and routine maintenance is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to do just that. The team executes repairs, replacement, and restoration services quickly and with the highest degree of quality in order to prevent major problems from affecting facilities. 

Custodial and Grounds Division

Custodial Services strives to attain an exceptional clean environment that promotes a cost-effective, healthy, and safe atmosphere for every person everyday. We take pride in ensuring that the cleanliness of our facilities are of the highest standards and we preserve the integrity of County offices. 

The Grounds Division provides quality services consistent with responsible fiscal and environmental stewardship to support the landscape maintenance and landscape construction needs of County facilities. Our team understands that the landscape is the first thing that most guests see when they arrive to our facilities and we take great pride in making that experience memorable. We also realize the positive impact that a green environment has on the community and the importance of ensuring that that they are adequately maintained. 

Business Services Division

The Business Services Division of the Hidalgo County Facilities Management Department oversees the business operations and customer service aspects of the department, such as work order management, job estimating, and inventory and asset control. The Operations Division also provides departmental, clerical and other administrative support services.