Judge Mario E. Ramirez, Jr. Juvenile Juctice Center


The Hidalgo County Juvenile Board is the statutory administrative authority of the Judge Mario E. Ramirez, Jr. Juvenile Justice Center. The Center consist of the Juvenile Probation Department, the Juvenile Detention Facility, and the Juvenile Boot Camp Facility. This board evaluates, monitors, and when necessary, recommends modifications of all functions in areas of the Juvenile Justice Center. The Juvenile Board is composed of eleven (11) District Judges and the Hidalgo County Judge. The Juvenile Board holds regular meetings to discuss, evaluate, and approve procedures/requests from the Chief Juvenile Probation Officer. The Juvenile Board also designates a board member to serve as the direct Overseer of the Juvenile Justice Center. The Chief Juvenile Probation Officer is directly under the supervision of the Juvenile Justice Center Overseer. The Chief Juvenile Probation Officer will meet with the Overseer (Judge Mario E. Ramirez, Jr.) on a regular or as needed basis to discuss and report on Juvenile Justice Center issues and matters of concern. The Chief Juvenile Probation Officer and the Juvenile Justice Center Overseer will report to the Juvenile Board at scheduled Board Meetings with a prepared agenda for the presentation, discussion, and Board action, if warranted.

Hidalgo County Juvenile Board of Judges

Judge Mario E. Ramirez, Jr.
332nd District Court (Overseer)
Judge Richard F. Cortez
County Judge
Judge Luis M. Singleterry
92nd District Court
Judge Fernando Mancias
93rd District Court
Judge J.R. "Bobby" Flores
139th District Court
Judge Rose Guerra Reyna
206th District Court
Judge Marla Cuellar
275th District Court
Judge Noe Gonzalez
370th District Court
Judge Letty Lopez
389th District Court
Judge Keno Vasquez
398th District Court
Judge Israel Ramon Jr.
430th District Court
Judge Renee R. Betancourt
449th District Court