Judge Mario E. Ramirez, Jr. Juvenile Justice Center


Juvenile Detention Facility

The juvenile detention facility provides short-term safe and secure residential care for juvenile offenders taken into custody by law enforcement agencies. The facility is required to maintain full compliance with Title 37 of the Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 343-Standards for Secure Juvenile Pre-Adjudication Detention Facilities. Texas Juvenile Justice Department standards compliance monitoring visits are conducted annually. The primary objective of the facility is to assure the safe housing of juvenile residents under the jurisdiction of the Court and of the employee’s working in the facility. The facility is designed to accommodate ninety-six (96) juvenile offenders in a secure single occupancy room. The facility also provides programs that meet the social, recreational, educational, emotional, medical, and religious needs of the residents. All admissions to the detention facility require a pre-admission screening for approval. Requests for admission are primarily a result of alleged delinquent conduct committed by juvenile offenders who were taken into custody by a law enforcement agency. Court ordered admissions are usually a result of juvenile offenders who have been adjudicated and ordered detained pending the final disposition of the case. Detention orders for probation violations or failure to appear in court could also result in a court ordered detention. This facility is open twenty-four (24) hours daily throughout the year. Juvenile Supervision Officer's primary responsibilities and essential job functions are to provide supervision of the juveniles while in our secure court ordered custody. Juvenile Supervision Officer's services and supervision duties can only be performed by an active certified Juvenile Supervision Officer in a good standing with the Texas Juvenile Justice Department.