449th District Court

    The newly created District Court, located at the Judge Mario E. Ramirez, Jr. Juvenile Justice Center, became the 449th State District Court during the 80th Legislative session. The concept of this Court is to specialize in the processing of juvenile cases. The Court became fully operational with a State District Judge and court staff in January of 2008. The Honorable Jesse Contreras was elected as the first Judge of this District Court. 

    The current Judge, Honorable Renee Rodriguez-Betancourt became the youngest District Judge in the State, according to the Texas Judicial Branch, after taking the bench on January 1, 2017. 
    The 449th District Court is designed to accommodate all participants directly involved in the judicial process of juvenile cases. Incorporating the location of a district court to operate within the Juvenile Justice Center, embodies the opportunity to expedite the hearing of cases and affords the prospect of utilizing resources efficiently for youth and their families including all personnel involved in juvenile court proceedings. 

    The 449th District Court staff consists of a court coordinator, assistant court coordinator, court reporter, court bailiff, and two district clerks that have direct access to the juvenile probation staff permitting the lines of communication to be beneficial in working towards safeguarding the final outcome of juvenile cases.