Texas County & District Retirement System

All Full-time and Part-time employees become members of the Texas County & District Retirement System (TCDRS). Members contribute 7% of their gross salary each pay period to the retirement system. Member contributions are matched by the County (2 dollars for every 1 dollar contributed) at retirement.

In order for members to be eligible to benefit from the County's matching contributions, they must have 8 years of service.

Members are eligible for retirement if they meet one of the three following criteria:
  • Be 60 years of age and have 8 years of service
  • Their age plus years of service = 75 (years of service must be at least 8 years)
  • 20 years of service (no age requirement)
The following is a summary of the TCDRS retirement requirements, benefits and more, for you convenience -
TCDRS - Hidalgo County Summary

TCDRS does not allow borrowing against your retirement contributions.

Information and forms on the County's retirement system may be obtained from the County Treasurer's Office Payroll Division or by viewing the following link.

Texas County & District Retirement System