Agenda Process Handbook

Status: In Progress

The key goal for this project is to establish a uniform agenda process that ensures Commissioners Court has the complete, accurate and current information needed to make decisions that are in the best interest of the citizens of Hidalgo County.

Major Project Activities:

1. Introduction
  • General Introduction
  • Policy Purpose
  • Parties Affected
  • Legal References
2. Process of Submitting Agenda Items & Backup
  • Guidelines to Submit AI’s
  • Submission Requirements
  • Deadline to Submit AI’s
  • Examples of Agenda Captions
3. Process of Posting Agenda
  • Guidelines for preparing agenda packet
  • Guidelines for posting the agenda
4. Process of Commissioners Court Meeting
  • Structure of agenda
  • Agenda Components
  • Order of Business & Decorum
5. Appendices
  • Definitions
  • Forms
  • Update Agenda Quick PowerPoint