Receipt Division

The County Treasurer, as chief custodian of county funds, shall receive all money belonging to the county from whatever source it may be derived and keep in a designated depository and shall account for the money belonging to the county.

A County officer or other person who receives money shall deposit the money with the County Treasurer on or before the next business day after the date on which the money is received. If this deadline cannot be met, the County officer or person must deposit the money, without exception, on or before the fifth business day after the day on which the money is received. The County Treasurer shall deposit the money received in the county depository, in all cases, on or before the seventh business day after the date the Treasurer receives the money. An official Hidalgo County Treasurer receipt will be issued for all funds received in designated depository or with the County Treasurer's Office.

Please contact our office should you have money belonging to Hidalgo County: Contact Us