Constable Precinct 1

Texas Constables

In 1836, the Constitution of THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS established Constables as the primary Law Enforcement Administrators, whose stature is still upheld under Article 2.12 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. They are elected to four-year terms of office and are commissioned by the Governor of Texas as Law Enforcement Agencies just as the Sheriff's Department or Texas Department of Public Safety. In fact, a Constable is an associate member of the D.P.S. under section 411.009(a) of the Government Code. His/her "original" jurisdiction is anywhere in the county of election and statewide in all criminal and civil matters. To meet the challenges and demands of this responsibility Texas Constables MUST be licensed by the Texas Commission On Law Enforcement.

Constables are constitutionally authorized peace officers. Constables have the same arrest powers and duties as municipal police officers and sheriffs. They have the added responsibility of executing civil processes for the courts. 

Our responsibilities include executing warrants and other processes, including eviction actions and seizing property. 

A constable executes any civil or criminal process throughout the county, including citations, notices, warrants, subpoenas, and writs.