Felony Section

Felony Section

The Felony Section has responsibility over felony cases prosecuted in the County.

The Felony Process

Once an investigating agency brings a felony investigation to our office it is filed with Felony Intake. Felony Intake reviews the reports filed by the investigating agency. The file is reviewed to ensure the legal elements of a felony crime can be met and proven.

After the case is reviewed by Felony Intake, the case is submitted to a Grand Jury. A Grand Jury is composed of twelve (12) citizens of Hidalgo County. The Grand Jury then decides to “True Bill” or “No Bill” a case. A “True Bill” means the case is then filed in a District Court and the prosecution of the case continues. A “No Bill” means the prosecution of the case stops.

After a “True Bill” the case is filed with a District Court. Each District Court has at least one (1) felony prosecutor assigned to prosecute all cases filed with that District Court. These felony prosecutors handle all phases of the prosecution at the District Court level. The prosecutors handle the cases in all stages of court hearings: from Arraignment, then Pre-Trial Hearings, then Trial.

The Felony Prosecutors

While prosecutors are not investigators, they do review the files in preparation of court hearings. Preparation includes meeting with the investigating agency, meeting with victims, meeting with witnesses, reviewing physical evidence, reviewing applicable legal precedents, and attending continuing education on all aspects of prosecution.