UCP Citizen Participation Plan

The County of Hidalgo Urban County Program is required by 24 CFR 91.105 to have a detailed Citizen Participation Plan which contains the County’s policies and procedures for public  involvement in the Consolidated Plan Strategy (CPS) process; when  preparing an assessment of fair housing (AFH), and the use of Community  Development Block Grants (CDBG), HOME, and Emergency Shelter Grants  (ESG) funds.  This Citizen Participation Plan must be available to the public.

This Plan covers the four County Precincts, and eighteen non-entitlement cities  which comprise the Hidalgo County Urban Program, and supersedes all  previous plans.  (Addresses and telephone numbers for the Consortium  Cities and Precincts and central administration are listed as an  attachment to this Plan.)

Click here to view the UCP Citizen Participation Plan