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Vernon's Texas Statues
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Texas Administrative Code
O'Connor's Texas Rules Civil Trials
O'Connor's Texas Causes of Action
O'Connor's Texas Rules of Evidence
O'Connor's Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code
O'Connor's Texas Family Code
O'Connor's Texas Family Law Handbook
O'Connor's Texas Criminal Code Plus
Texas Pattern Jury Charges
Texas Criminal Lawyers' Handbook
Texas Criminal Jury Charges


United States Code Annotated
US Code Congressional and Administrative News
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Federal Procedure
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Texas Litigation Guide
Texas Transaction Guide
Texas Criminal Practice Guide
Texas Practice Guide
West Texas Forms
Texas Forms: Pleading and Practice Forms
Texas Forms: Legal & Business
O'Connor's Texas Civil Forms
O'Connor's Federal Civil Forms
Texas Family Law Practice Manual
Texas Forms Manual (Probate)
Texas Real Estate Forms Manual
Texas Foreclosure Manual
Texas Collections Manual
Texas Guardianship Manual
Texas Business Organizations Manual
Texas Probate Forms and Procedure
Texas Criminal Forms

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Texas Law Review
St. Mary's Law Review
South Texas Law Review
Houston Law Review
Baylor Law Review
Texas Tech Law Review
SMU Law Review
Harvard Law Review
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American Lawyer
Texas Lawyer
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Texas Verdict Search


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Texas Criminal & Civil Digest
Texas Attorney General Opinions
Texas Bar Journal


Southwest Reporter 1st, 2nd and 3rd Series
Supreme Court reporter
West Reporter System
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Texas Legal Directory
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Texas Board of Legal Specialization

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*Several other titles and subjects dealing with the areas of Criminal Law, Family Law, Medical Malpractice Law, Personal Injury and Employment Law, Torts, Contracts, Real Estate, Probate, Business / Commercial, Bankruptcy, Oil & Gas, Taxation, Municipalities, Procedure, Evidence, Appeals, Corporations, Insurance, Immigration, Consumer Law, Jury Voire Dire, Law Office Management, Etc. are also available in the library, Westlaw Online and/or LexisNexis Online.