Who qualifies for our services?

  • The Hidalgo County Domestic Relations Office provides services to families with children. We provide services to the Hidalgo County Family District Courts and Statutory County Courts at Law.

Can Domestic Relations Office provide an attorney for parties?

  • No, our department does not have the authority to appoint an attorney. If you are in need of an attorney, Legal Aid may be able to assist you.

Does Domestic Relations Office offer services to IV-D court cases?

  • Our department currently does not handle IV-D (child support) cases. However, our office offers Cooperative Parenting and Court Ordered Orientation for clients with a IV-D case.

 For questions regarding your case contact your local Office of Attorney General.

Can I take Cooperative Parenting or Court Ordered Orientation without a Judge’s order?

  • No, parties require an order from the judge to participate in the classes, unless you are referred by the Attorney General.