Hidalgo County Substance Abuse Treatment Facility


The Hidalgo County Substance Abuse Treatment Facility is committed providing a safe and healthy environment for residents, staff, visitors, contractors and volunteers. The Hidalgo County SATF is committed to protecting residents from sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Sexual abuse and sexual harassment compromise the safety of everyone in our facility and will not be tolerated.

The Facilities policy will serve as a mechanism for complying with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) and the PREA National Standards. [115.211 (a), 115.262]The facility has mandated a zero-tolerance policy relating to any sexual misconduct and sexual harassment between staff, volunteers, contractors, and residents or their family members. All allegations, regardless of the source, of coercive, or consensual sexual misconduct/harassment occurring among residents will be fully investigated, sanctioned (if authority to do so exists), and referred for prosecution if the prohibited conduct violates state criminal laws.