DRO Reviews

“Thank you very much, very well presented and easy to understand 5-star rating. Thank you.”
- A. Rodriguez

“I want to thank Ida Trejo and the staff at the DRO for all of their help. They were patient and very
helpful explaining their services, the classes were very informative and helpful. I don’t know what else
to say other than they are a great group of people that helped me during the difficult time I was going
through. Thank you guys!!!”

- Jorge V. I.

“I, C. Gonzalez, write these few words to show my appreciation to this course in the department of
domestic relations they have been kind and attempt to make me more aware of my parenting rights
and understand a bit more about the program. I am fully satisfied with everything we discussed along
with the rest of the class, thanks to Ms. Ida Trejo and assistant Ms. Edith very much.”

- C. Gonzalez