Curbside Voting

Curbside Voting:Tex. Election Code Sec. §64.009

If a voter is physically unable to enter the polling location, they may request for an election official to provide a "touch access" voting machine to either the entrance of the polling location or to their vehicle at the designated curbside parking. Once the voter has finished marking their ballot, they will return the voting machine to the election official, who will then deposit their ballot at the scan box. 


Upon arrival at the polling location keep an eye out for the ADA buzzer or call sign which will alert the election officials of the voter's arrival or entry. Designated parking will be provided to accommodate curbside voters.  Curbside setups will vary depending on locations, but all polling locations provide curbside voting.


Please consider that curbside voting is a process that requires time. It is recommended for anyone utilizing curbside voting to allow themselves ample time to complete the process.

Alamo - PSJA Memorial - Curbside

Alamo - PSJA Memorial - Curbside buzzer and parking spots 3

Alton - Alton Recreation Center - Curbside

Alton - Alton Recreation Center - Curbisde View 1

Donna - Amigos Del Valle - Curbside Voting Spaces

Donna - Amigos Del Valle - 3 curbside voting spaces (2)

Edinburg - Alfonso Ramirez Elementary - Curbside

Edinburg - Alfonso Ramirez Elementary - Curbside next to Second ADA Parking