Hidalgo County Election Department Mission, Principles & Commitment


To serve the public with voter registration and voter status, strengthen, safeguard, and administer elections in Hidalgo County; and adhering to the Texas Election Code by working in partnership with our Federal, State, County and Local Partners. We will utilize our collective knowledge, skills, and expertise across all professions to preserve the trust and confidence of the voters, thus leading to secure and successful elections.  


Our guiding principles spell out how we translate our core values into our work with one another and our Federal, State, County, and Local partners to achieve our mission. 

TEAMWORK: As employees of the Hidalgo County Elections Department, we are committed to bringing our experiences and knowledge together to achieve our mission. 

PARTNERSHIP: We greatly value our partners and stakeholders at all levels as they are the experts in their field. We are open to working with everyone who shares our vision to achieve our mission successfully.

QUALITY: Individually and as a department to have the tenacity to succeed and achieve excellence through further professional development to become leaders in our fields.

RESPONSIBILITY: We are individually and collectively responsible for our behaviors, actions, and the consequences of our actions to each other and to anyone with whom we interact. We act at all times to adhere to our moral values by promoting the security and wellbeing of our colleagues, as well as those who support or benefit from our work.

INTEGRITY: Our work is conducted and based on the ethics of honesty and openness, free from conflicts of interest and partisanship, in service of our mission. 

RESPECT: We treat everyone with respect and act with humility. We treat our colleagues and all persons with whom we interact with dignity.


The Hidalgo County Elections Department is committed to ensuring accountability, transparency, inclusion, civic duty and rule of law in all aspects of our work, especially in the execution of the department’s integrity and mission of administering successful elections.

We are committed to engaging with local entities and groups that may share their experiences and knowledge with us, in order to add value to the discussion and further inform us and be a part of our elections process.

The department will proactively seek to continue developing and improving our processes and procedures of voting in Hidalgo County to promote a greater civic engagement from our voters.

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