Mission, Vision, & Goals


It is the ongoing mission of the Department of Budget & Management to support and enhance the effective and efficient operation of County government, maintain the County's fiscal integrity and financial condition, and preserve the County's bond rating by developing, implementing, and enforcing appropriate budgetary policies and procedures; providing accurate, timely, and objective information and recommendations to County departments, Commissioners Court and the constituents of Hidalgo County.


The Department of Budget & Management is committed to establishing a collaborative working relationship with County departments to assist them in making financial decisions and in providing them with the resources they need to achieve their goals and objectives. It is also determined to provide reliable and understandable financial information to Commissioners Court.


  • To develop a balanced budget based on realistic assumptions and approved by the Hidalgo County Commissioners Court
  • To ensure the wise and prudent use of Hidalgo County’s financial resources
  • To provide the highest quality programs and services to customers at the lowest possible cost to the County’s taxpayers