Our new Pct.1 Sunset Operations Facility is located at:5230 Mile 11 N., Mercedes, Tx 78570 |956-968-8733



The Road and Bridge Department is the largest in the precinct and is responsible for road maintenance and construction tasks across the precinct. With over 853 miles of county roads to maintain, the most for any Hidalgo County Precinct, Precinct 1 staff works diligently to provide residents with passable, convenient, and paved roads. 


One of Commissioner Fuentes priorities is to make roadways safe for transportation, especially for buses transporting our children to and from school.  Safe roads are important to ensure that our local schoolchildren are able to attend school since school attendance rates directly affect the funding formula for school districts.  Commissioner Fuentes is committed to maintaining safe roads in Precinct 1 and works with local school districts to identify and prioritize road improvement projects.