Road Maintenance Projects 2021

Commissioner David Fuentes and Precinct 1 staff receive a high volume of calls on a daily basis from constituents reporting roads in need of maintenance.  Road repairs and maintenance may include applying or re-grading milling, applying or re-grading caliche, or patching (cold mix, hot mix, or limestone).

Major roadway projects are chosen based on a precinct wide assessment conducted by the Road and Bridge Department along with Commissioner. Being that we're the largest precinct in the county demographically, with the most rural roads approximately 621 miles.

Committed to improving the quality of life for constituents, Precinct 1 is currently working on the following road projects:
PFC Pedro Martinez 
Mercedes, Texas
50% Complete 
Mile 5 1/2 W. from Mile 11 N. to Mile 11 1/2.
Weslaco, Texas 
100% Complete Sept. 30, 2021
Mile 5 1/2 W. from Mile 10 N. ro Mile 11 N. 
Weslaco, Texas 

Crockett Ave. 
Alamo, Texas 

Mile 6 W. from Mile 9 N. to Mile 10 N.
Weslaco, Texas 

Road Projects