Hidalgo County Map

Hidalgo County is home to one of the fastest growing regions in the nation. We provide health and justice to the approximately 900,000 residents of our county as well as a variety of services offered by our four precinct offices to residents who live outside city limits. We partner with the cities in our county on services, special projects and economic development. We strive to be accessible and responsive to our citizens. We are committed to providing excellent public service through the values of leadership, transparency, collaboration, fairness, respect and fiscal responsibility.

The county is divided into four precincts and is overseen by five elected officials. Each precinct is served by a Commissioner. Together with the County Judge, they comprise the Commissioners Court, which oversee and govern county business. The County Judge presides over Commissioners Court and serves as the County Administrator.

The Commissioners are:

  • Pct. 1 Commissioner David L. Fuentes
  • Pct. 2 Commissioner Eduardo "Eddie" Cantu
  • Pct. 3 Commissioner Everardo "Ever" Villareal
  • Pct. 4 Commissioner Ellie Torres.

View the map for each precinct.

  • Precinct No.1 - Pct. 1 serves eastern Hidalgo County from Mercedes west to Alamo and from Hargill on its northern precinct border south to Progresso Lakes.
  • Precinct No. 2 - Pct. 2 serves southern Hidalgo County including the cities of Hidalgo, McAllen, Pharr and San Juan and the unincorporated area south of Alamo.
  • Precinct No. 3 - Pct. 3 serves western Hidalgo County from Cuervitas at its western border and then north all the way to Cipres and approximately 20 miles east of FM1017 and part of the City of Hidalgo to the south.
  • Precinct No. 4 - Pct. 4 serves northern Hidalgo County, including ranchland north of San Manuel to where the county borders Brooks County south to parts of McAllen and as far east as the border of Hargill and points north.