Tier II Reports

Texas Tier II Reporting Requirements

As of July 26, 2006, Tier Two Reports must be submitted as electronic data files that were prepared using either the free Tier2 Submit software program (see Tier2 Submit Button below) or another software program that can produce data files that match the exact file structure and zip format of Tier2 Submit data files. If you are planning to submit an electronic Tier Two data file that has has been prepared using any software program other than Tier2 Submit, please contact the TCEQ to obtain advance approval for your submission.

Because of this change in reporting requirements, the TCEQ does not provide hard copy Tier II reporting forms on this website. If you have questions concerning preparation of the electronic Tier II Reports, please contact the Tier II Chemical Reporting Program at:

Telephone: 1-800-452-2791 (toll-free in Texas) or

512-239-5060 (for callers outside Texas and local callers)

Email: Tier2Help@tceq.texas.gov

A new version of Tier2 Submit is created around November of each year. Download the latest version of Tier2 Submit.

Who Should Receive Tier II Reports?

Your electronic Tier II data file and filing fee must be submitted to the TCEQ, following the options provided on the TCEQ home page. Also, send a copy of the Tier II report to the fire department with jurisdiction over your facility and to the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) for Hidalgo County at lepc@co.hidalgo.tx.us.

Please submit your electronic Tier II reports in T2S and PDF Format to: lepc@co.hidalgo.tx.us

LEPC Contacts:

Gustavo A. Ramirez, LEPC Chair

Fire Chief, Alton Fire Department

201 Dawes Ave, Alton, TX 78573

Phone: (956)447-3415

Email: gus.ramirez@alton-tx.gov

Jesus Diaz, LEPC Coordinator

Deputy EMC, Hidalgo County Office of Emergency Management

Phone: 956-318-2615

Email: jesus.diaz@co.hidalgo.tx.us