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As part of your routine prenatal care, a great way to prepare for the arrival of your bundle of joy is by attending a prenatal class . Lactation Care Center RGV offers frequent prenatal classes in both English and Spanish. Our prenatal classes are full of evidenced-based information. We encouraged you to bring your support person with you to class so that any doubts or misconceptions about breastfeeding or infant behavior can be clarified or so that any questions may be answered. Please call to register for one of our classes. Although we recommend that your attend during your 7th or 8th month of pregnancy, we will be happy to have you attend class at any point during your pregnancy.

Prenatal Classes 2017

Lactation Care Center RGV offers two prenatal classes to help prepare you for your new bundle of joy!
  • Infant Feeding & Behavior Class gets you off to a perfect start introducing topics like the golden hour, skin to skin contact and initiation of breastfeeding.
  • Effectively Maintaining Milk Supply: Returning to Work/School reviews types and use of breast pumps and how to produce sufficient milk supply while using a breast pump.

We welcome your support person to also attend.  Great classes!  Call (956) 292-7711 today to sign up.

Thursdays, 6pm - 8pm

 Infant Feeding
 Pumping Class
 January 12
 July 13
 January 26
 July 27
 February 9
 August 10
 February 23
 August 24
 March 9
 September 14
   March 23
 September 28
 April 6
 October 12
   April 27
 October 26
 May 11
 November 9
   May 25
 November 16
 June 8
 December    June 22
 December 14

Notice:  Dates are subject to change in urgent situations beyond our control.  Seating is limited; please register.

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Clases Prenatales 2017

Lactation Care Center RGV ofrece 2 clases  para ayudarla a recibir a su nuevo bebé:

  • Alimentación y Comportamiento Infantil  le ayudará a prepararse a lograr un comienzo perfecto con información sobre la llamada “hora dorada”, el contacto  piel con piel y como iniciar la lactancia.  
  • Manteniendo una Producción de Leche Adecuada: El Regreso al Trabajo/Escuela: Revisaremos los diferentes  tipos y usos de sacaleches, así de cómo lograr producir suficiente leche materna mientras usa un sacaleches. 

Su persona de apoyo es también bienvenida a nuestra clase. íLe esperamos!   Llame (956) 292-7711 hoy para registrarse

Miércoles, 10:00am - 12:00pm

 Alimentación Infantil
 El Sacaleches
11 de enero
12 de julio
  18 de enero
19 de julio
 1 de febrero
 2 de agosto
   8 de febrero
 9 de agosto
 1 de marzo
 6 de septiembre
   8 de marzo
 13 de septiembre
 5 de abril
 4 de octubre
   12 de abril
 11 de octubre
 3 de mayo
 1 de noviembre
   10 de mayo
 8 de noviembre
 7 de junio
 6 de diciembre
   14 de junio
 13 de diciembre

Aviso:  Las fechas puedan variar de acuerdo de la asistencia y situaciones fuera de nuestro control.  Cupo limitado, favor de registrarse.

Healthcare Professionals Classes

Lactation Care Center RGV is a resource for training individuals who want to gain more knowledge and experience in the field of lactation. Being this resource for our community allows medical, nursing and dietetic students to learn about the physiology of making breast milk, the effect of health conditions on the production of milk and infant conditions that can affect the production or transfer of breast milk.

We encourage healthcare providers to attend the breastfeeding trainings that are being held in our community. Here you will find upcoming trainings for healthcare professionals.