Hidalgo County Texas
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Hidalgo County Courthouse
100 N. Closner
Edinburg, Texas 78539
County Administrative Policies
The Administrative Policies and Procedures Handbook is a compilation of all Countywide administrative and personnel policies approved by Commissioners Court.  Please note that the list of countywide policies presented below will be updated with the most current policies continuously, upon approval by Commissioners Court.

Administrative Policies
  1. 1115 Waiver Intergovernmental Transfer (IGT) Policy
  2. Budget Amendment Policy-Personnel Related Amendments
  3. Cable Cast TV Policy
  4. Commercial Account Use Policy, Guidelines, & Procedures
  5. Communicating to the Commissioners Court Information on Federal Investigations and/or Inquiries Policy
  6. County Treasurer's Unclaimed Property Program Policy & Procedures
  7. Economic Development Incentives Program Guidelines & Criteria
  8. Emergency Evacuation Plan
  9. Exiting Elected Official Expenditure Policy
  10. Fixed Asset Policy & Procedures
  11. Fuel Credit Card Use Policy, Guidelines, & Procedures
  12. Fund Balance & Budget Management Policy
  13. Information Technology Security Policies
  14. Investment Policy
  15. Market Volatility & Unit Price Adjustments
  16. Non-Travel Meals, Refreshments, & Related Expenses (aka Food Policy)
  17. Purchasing Policy & Procedures
  18. Tax Abatement Guidelines & Criteria
  19. Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) Policy
  20. Title VI Nondiscrimination Plan
  21. Travel Policy, Guidelines, & Procedures
  22. Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Program Policy
  23. Wireless Devices Communication Services Policy, Guidelines, & Procedures

Personnel Policies*
  1. Absence Control Policy
  2. Biometric Electronic Clock Policy
  3. Direct Deposit Policy
  4. Drug & Alcohol Policy
  5. Equal Employment Opportunity Plan
  6. Ethics Policy
  7. Flex-Time Policy
  8. Identification (ID) Badge Policy
  9. Internship Policy
  10. Longevity Pay Policy
  11. Medical Plan for County Retirees
  12. Nepotism Policy
  13. Pre-Enrollment & Enrollment Process Policy & Procedures
  14. Sick Leave Policy (amended)
  15. Uniform Policy
  16. Wage Overpayment-Underpayment Policy
  17. Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

*The personnel policies presented above are in addition to the current Civil Service Commission rules (blue book) and the Personnel Policy Handbook (brown book) and should be referenced in conjunction with the aforementioned manuals.  To review the manuals, please click here.