Hidalgo County Texas
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Commissions and Boards
Bail Bond Board
The purpose of the Bail Bond Board is to implement and carry out the laws on bail bond regulation as passed by the Texas Legislature and Courts and to encourage professionalism in the local bonding industry as is clearly in the best interest of the public.

Board of Building Line Adjustment
The Board of Building Line Adjustments (BBLA) hears and make decisions with regards to appeals in cases which, because of exceptional narrowness, shallowness, shape, topography, existing building development, or another exceptional and extraordinary situation or condition of a specific piece of property, the strict application of a building line established under Texas Local Government Code Chapter 233 Subchapter B would result in peculiar and exceptional difficulties or hardships to the owner of the property. On appeal, the Board may authorize a variance from the strict application of the regulation, under conditions established by the Board, to relieve the hardship or difficulty. This relief must be granted without substantially impairing the intent and purpose of the building line or setback line.

Civil Service Commission
Hidalgo County’s Civil Service Commission was created in 1995 by the Hidalgo County Commissioners’ Court, and is charged with the responsibility to adopt, publish and enforce rules relating to the selection of county employees and the procedural and substantive rights, advancement, benefits, and working conditions of county employees.

Commuter Rail District

Hidalgo County Metropolitan Planning Org.
The HCMPO is a federally funded program that works with the Hidalgo County communitiesand the Texas Department of Transportation to plan for the county’s future transportation needs. Under federal law, every metropolitan area with a population of 50,000 must have a designated Metropolitan Planning Organization. Citizens are encouraged to participage in the planning process. For contact information, calendar events, etc.

Hidalgo County Regional Mobility Authority
The Hidalgo County Regional Mobility Authority was created to be a proactive partner empowering our community to address our congestion and mobility concerns through local means with local leadership.

Hidalgo County Drainage Advisory

Housing Authority of Hidalgo County
The Housing Authority of Hidalgo County was originally created to help farmworking and migrant families. Since then, it is now addressing the housing needs of low-income families. The overall goal of Housing Authority County of Hidalgo is to provide low-income families and individuals with housing that is decent, safe, sanitary, and affordable. The HACH is committed to providing opportunities for families to assist themselves.

Subdivision Advisory Board
The Subdivision Advisory Board (SAB) serves as an advisory board to the County Commissioners Court regarding development outside the corporate limits of the city. The Board reviews developments for compliance to the County Subdivision Rules, and as an appeal board for variance requests to the Floodplain Administration Program.

Hidalgo County Historical Commision
Hidalgo County Historical Commision: Web page with Historical Information on Hidalgo County.